Moore Real Estate Group  www.moorerealestategroup.com

“I own a real estate company, and we thought it would be a nice gift to hire a photographer to take outdoor shots of our employees and their families at our annual company retreat.  I had known Todd for several years, and had seen some of the incredible shots that he had taken during his travels around the world.  He suggested a great spot on the beach with the pier in the background.  Everyone was running late on a Friday when Todd called me to tell me that the lighting was perfect, and that we should try to make it there quickly.  When we finally did arrive, we were stressing a bit and hoped that it would still work out.  Todd did a great job of organizing the group (including the kids) and putting everyone at ease.  He took some wonderful shots of each family and, even with the light fading, was able to get better photos than we have gotten at professional portrait studios.  It was gratifying to see that several of our employees ended up using those photos for their Christmas cards.”

Matthew Moore, MAI


NAP Representative & Artist of Seasoned Pallets ~ Jennifer Kemper-Butto

Thank you Todd for ALL you’ve done from humanitarian work in Zimbabwe, and so much for NAP to wild wild west mountain biking photo shoots in Temecula, CA and B&B photo shoots in Val Trebbia, in the hills of Northern Italy. It’s been an adventure. I say if you want/need a professional with an adventurous spirit and willing to take on the most creative challenges… It’s Todd you’re looking for!  Cheers and piece and much abundance on your journey!!
Big fan, jen

The Sheepfold Organization  www.thesheepfold.org

Hi Todd, These are great pictures! We will defiantly be using them in one of our upcoming newsletters. Is it possible to get the mailing address for the school so we can mail a stack of them to you when they come out? Also seeing as we are doing a re-design to all things “marketing” based, we may very well take you up on your offer! I am not sure the direction we are taking but I would just like to say thank you so much for being willing to give of your time and talents.  A big thanks to you, and Zhara, for organizing this; what a great gift these kids were able to provide for our women and children here in our program!

 Thank you again Love, Joy, Peace,

Kelly Wildman – Community Relations Director



Musician – Aaron Plamer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwOWKr-XAKM&feature=youtu.be

I am very satisfied with the quality photography and video skills of Todd Pulchalski. He works quickly and efficiently. Todd is a true Artist.

 Aaron Palmer - Musician



Teacher – Mr. Danyon Higgins

I had seen Todd’s work many times.  When my wife suggested getting some head shots of our child to send into agencies, Todd came to mind.  I was not sure if he even did this type of work, but much to my surprise, he took the job with no hesitation.  I was concerned about his ability to work with such a young child, but based on the quality of work I had seen previously, I was willing to risk it.  Getting a one-year-old to sit still long enough to take a decent picture is difficult to do.  I was amazed at how well he worked with my daughter.  He was patient with her and went with the flow.  Todd let her do her thing and when he saw something he liked, he clicked away.  The pictures turned our beautifully.  We were very happy with the end result and very impressed with his versatility and professionalism.  Todd is our new family photographer.

Daynon Higgins, M.Ed. - Teacher




TRADA Rehabilitation Center – Kottayam, Kerala, India


























Sr. Joan Chunkapura  - TRADA Rehabilitation Center - Kottayam, Kerala, India




































Lily Moore – With a little help from her folks. ;)
































Father James Colburn
























Beth, Jason and Baby Luka
























John & Angie Toy