Philanthropic Volunteer

Philanthropic Volunteer:

Todd knows the importance of giving to those in need, or to improve the quality of life for those circumstantially in despair. He has volunteered for over 15 Non-profit organizations in some capacity, usually with a photographic and documentary focus amongst other tasks. He has traveled to such places as India, Nepal and Zimbabwe for these causes and has taken the cost on himself, spending thousands of dollars and months of time to help with NO personal gain aside of personal experience.

If you are in need, Todd will do his best to accommodate and work with you to help gain some visual status and documentation for your cause and organization.

Be advised that photography and all production of any media is very expensive and time consuming. Todd will do his best to volunteer his time, skills and other needs, but cannot take on costs for production materials such as prints, digital media presentations etc… aside of a small amount based on his ability at that time.  He will do his best to offer a wholesale and affordable price for these items far below that of any commercial outfit. He also will try to find others in his Network who may be able to provide or donate a service or material production to your cause and organization. There are NO guarantees with volunteer services other then Todd’s promise to do his best given current circumstances and requests.


Please contact Todd directly to inquire about his services, pricing and to make an appointment. Every need is different, and requires special consideration to deliver the quality you seek.

Visit Todd’s Portfolio in any genre for sample work.