Scanning & Archiving

Scanning & Archiving:

Digitizing your old paper Photographs and Art Work through scanning or digital photography is a perfect way to Archive, organize and save your images for generations to come. It is also a great way to reproduce your images and Artwork again and again as well as alter, repair and manipulate them into other images.

Prints and Negatives DO NOT last forever, and will fade. The most perfectly preserved photographs will be lucky to be visible in 150 years, while most of our images are likely to fade in less than 50 years. Many factors play a role in the life of images and Art, most notably light, air, and acid found in most paper and wood products used for storing and presenting photos. Digital Prints will last less then 7 years.

The most common at risk images are those put into shoe boxes, drawers, non-archival albums (most albums up to mid 1990?s) and other such places. Often you may find an old and cherished photo in a frame where the details and contrast or color are slowly fading away. Digitizing saves them at the present condition and can be Restored and Re-duplicated.

In addition, in our newer digital world, Digitizing Images makes for use on you PC, in Media Presentations, for internet sites such as common and popular blogging sites.

With natural disasters becoming more prevalent with floods, fires, earthquakes, and the like, our Old paper images are in danger of becoming extinct. Digitizing and archiving them will set you at ease in the face of the unpredictable. Easy to store and copy onto CD’s or archival DVD’s, or onto external Hard Drives that can be kept in a Safe, or another location, will give you peace of mind. You will be assured to save your precious keep sakes, Art and Family History for generations to come. Often overlooked, but highly recommended by those who have learned the loss of such valued commodities.

“Each generation needs to RE-Archive to the choice Media of their time to continuously preserve keepsakes and memories. Nothing Lasts’ forever as said often, though a small effort carries the past into the future, Memorialized.”


Art Work Reproduction:

Do you have Art Work that you want to reproduce? Todd can help you to reproduce your images through Scanning or digital photography complete with post touch-up and final printing. High resolution and Quality meet your specifications and needs.

Please Contact Todd Directly for details and estimates