Photography Lessons

Photography Lessons & Support:

Interested in One-on-One or Small Group Lessons? Want to Improve your Skills and Impress Family and Friends? Want this knowledge from a Skilled and Educated Photographer AND Teacher?

With a Bachelors Degree in Art, 17 years Photography Experience, over 9 years Teaching Experience in Public Schools and in Private Lessons, several years as a Small Business Owner and Imager and with a Masters Degree In Education, Todd uses his versatile talents and insights to make things easy to grasp and usable knowledge for you today. He Helps to assess your needs and build on your background knowledge making each lesson personal and valuable. No question is a bad question, and in photography and imaging, there is always something new to learn. ALWAYS! Allow your photography and imaging skills to speak for you, and express yourself how you want to. A personally designed lesson and coaching could open doors.

One-on-one, small, or large group lessons can be accommodated for most experience levels, beginner to intermediate, and often enhancing professionals in particular areas of capture and post-production depending on area of need and desire.  Coaching and/or assisting are also available.

ALL Lessons are catered to your specific level, equipment, desires and needs. Learn tricks and tips to enhance even your basic snapshot camera’s ability and your overall understanding of mastering light and image, and your equipment to do so.

Even Professionals have an area to improve or a question unanswered, and Todd often has a creative solution to help capture the mind’s eye, and discover the answer.

Lessons do not begin and end with capturing images alone. After discussion and assessment Todd ca teach or coach in an array of processes such as camera function and getting you up to speed or notching it up a level with more advanced control, Tips and tricks in capturing moments in interesting new ways, Artistic approaches in layering and composition, light choice and understanding, Post Production, Work flow, Photoshop basics and digital editing, Printing and Producing quality images, and more…; All depending on your personal needs.

Please contact Todd directly to inquire about his services, pricing and to make an appointment.

Visit Todd’s Portfolio in any genre for sample work.