Mounting & Laminating

Mounting & Laminating:

Mounting Prints is a necessary part of presentation in a fashionable, clean way. Prints are mounted when mated and framed. There are many other ways to mount your Images and Photos. Emulsion Bond on Stretched Artists’ Canvas is a beautiful, classic image mount with a very authentic and sturdy finish, ready to hang or be framed. The Image takes on the texture and look of a true painting.

Laminating, while not always necessary, does improve the longevity of your image, and protects it from UV light fading. Laminating also protects your Image from scratching, splatter or anything that could damage the surface, and devalue your image or photo, especially when not protected behind glass. Lamination is Highly recommended, especially for Large Format Prints, Signs, Banners and Posters printed on most papers.

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