Graphic Design

Graphic Design & Imaging:

Graphic Design and Imaging Solutions are another of Todd’s Trade and Artisan skills, and the basis of his BA degree in Studio and Commercial Arts.

Graphic Design & Creative Manipulations are all part of his Imaging repertoire. An experienced and educated Artist, Graphic Designer, Teacher and Business Owner, Todd will uniquely bring the power of visual elements to your aid and leave an Impression.

Business cards, Post cards, Flyers, Posters, Signs & Banners, Brochures, Web Graphics, and much more…. Ready for presentation or publication.

Please Contact Todd directly for details and Quotes

Biz Card Wendy 2009.jpg2009 - W NAP Fundraiser Poster.jpg2009 Envisioning The Future Poster.jpg2011 NAP Calender Cover.jpg2012 Post Card Front.jpgBiz Card Chelle 2008.jpg