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Album Art – Komag Suaka

This is a newly created album Art for the cover of Balinese singer/songwriter Komang Suaka.

Music is powerful, beautiful and soulful. It will be accessible soon through youtube.. I will repost once this is ready.

Album Art by: Todd Puchalski

Under the Sea and Stars in Hawaii

Here are a few shots form under the sea and the stars taken in Hawaii in 2014.

Shane Chunephisal – Sound Healing Pacific Ashtanga Yoga

 SOUND HEALING – Feel the Vibration

Shane Chunephisal is a Healer using a variety of hands-on techniques as well as Sound and vibration. In this short Edited Film, get a glimpse into the Art of Sound Healing. Recorded at Pacific Ashtanga Yoga, in Dana Point on August 8, 2015. Filmed, recorded, Photographed and Edited by Todd Puchalski.

Shane Chunephisal @ Pacifica Ashtanga Yoga



OUSD Art Expo 201

Event Flyer and Information

My ART Students are in a show…

El Rancho Charter Middle School art students are participating in this years Orange Unified School District’s  Exposition of the Arts. We will be displaying 10 pieces from some of the top students Artists.

The Event is Friday May 8th – Sunday May 10th.

The Village at Orange, 1500 East Village Way, Orange, CA 92865

Suite 38, between Fashion Q and Paul’s Products.








Here is snapshot of the entries:




HB ArtWalk Invitational Showcase – 2013

I will be showcasing. Come down and enjoy 60 Orange County Artists, Live music, Ca$h bar. I will be also selling a few fine pieces. The holiday for giving is here, give some beauty and inspiration!


;) ~



RAW Photographer of the Year, 2013. Please VOTE

Hello All,

Just need a simple & quick favor. Please vote for me at the RAW Art website for RAW Photographer of the Year. Big appreciation. I would do it for you. ;) ~


Please click to VOTE on my profile.   VOTE for me once a day Oct. 1 – Oct 8, 2013

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OC Register – My Student Artists & Writers Make the News

Just wanted to share this great short Article about some of my Art Students and a Fantastic Collaborative Project between Me and and an English Teacher I work with.

A few of my Art students showcase their collaborative book for this photo.







Please Visit:





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RAW: Natural Born Artists ~ August Showcase in Orange County, California

 Come & Join the UNDERGROUND of Art

RAW: natural born artists is an independent arts organization, for artists, by artists.

RAW is an international community made up of creative individuals across the globe.
Our mission is to provide independent artists within the first 10 years of their career with the tools, resources and exposure needed to inspire and cultivate creativity. We welcome all genres of art including independent film, fashion, music, visual art, performing art, hairstylists, makeup artists and more.
We encourage the creative success of the many visionaries and storytellers of our generation.
RAW currently operates in nearly 60 cities across the United States, Australia, Canada and, now London!




I will be showcasing with many other Artists from differing genres and styles in one eclectic and energizing event. Come for Art, Film, Fashion, Performing Arts, Music, and a lot of inspiring fun. Cocktail dress required.   Purchase your Ticket for the event right here for $15. I thank you kindly for your support ;) ~

“Buy a Ticket and Support this Artist”


 When: Sunday August 18th, 2013    6-10pm

Where: The Shark Club in Costa Mesa (841 Baker Street)

Tickets are $15 pre-sale.  and support me in the Underground Art Movement.


I am a RAW Artist. Check out my Artist Profile, just Click the image below.


Final Student Art Projects – Spring 2013

Final Student Art Projects – Spring 2013

Acrylic on Classical Guitar
Student Created, Spring 2013


The backside of “Harmony”


As an Art Teacher, I have been both challenged and blessed. As I teach techniques, mediums, concepts, non-verbal communication and so much more, I get to watch my students gain confidence and explore alternatives of expression. I get to see faces light up and pride gleam brightly. I am also faced by doubt, fear, reluctance and in many cases a large portion of society that does not value the Arts. Art is the epicenter of all disciplines of all times. Just consider the most brilliant man known to history, Leonardo de Vinci, his Art was the culmination of all his gifts to human kind. In the like, all people have an Artistic and Creative talent, it just takes practice just as kicking a soccer ball, skating a ramp, dropping into the surf, swinging a golf club or anything else you practice to learn and progress in. Take all your experience and all your knowledge,  your wisdom, your patience, and you can create Art. This is the Final Project where the students use all they have learned to express themselves, test themselves, and explore unique ways of thinking, taking notes or exploring ideas. Art is essential to any persons life, and especially education. It provides the Aesthetic for life in which we all desire.










“Big City Twilight”
Acrylic on Classical Guitar.
Student Created. Spring 2013


In my strategies for teaching the power of Art through self discovery, freedom of expression, creative problem solving, exploration and use of medium manipulation, I believe that I empower my students to expand themselves and realize that what makes the world move is the Art of expression. It is the most powerful of intrinsic rewards, yet harsh to open yourself to such judgment and criticisms once shared. Being an Artist can be difficult to manage and it demands passion, inspiration, emotional dexterity, attention to detail, extensive observation, resilience, dedication, sacrifice, knowledge and thoughtfulness. Art broadens your mind, your heart and your understanding of the world, and without it, we would be lost. These students, have reached out and took a risk, just as the singer on a stage. They have showed self initiative, care and demonstrated a skill they have been practicing. The final pieces are beautiful and surpassing to say the least. Impressive people make impressive Artists.












“Aged Skeleton”
Acrylic on Classical Guitar.
Student Created. Spring 2013




So, I am proud to present some of the final products from this school year created by my Art students under my direction, encouragement and guidance. Every piece you see has been through discussion of concept, themes, preparing the canvas, composition sketches, re-evaluation, creative problem solving, techniques and some hard conversations of what it means and why bother. What will keep the motivation, desire and passion to see through the whole project? In the end, every one of my students finds more of themselves and their ability to create and understand and thereby inspire others through non-verbal communication and sub-conscience aesthetics drawing peoples attention. It tells a little story about the person, the times, the creative ideas and are very accessible and relatable. Sometimes quirky and just fun.















As an eco minded individual, I often consider how to re-use as much as possible, and around a school, everything is re-usable, and what better than for its potential in the Arts; just like my students.

We have received old, tattered and overused Guitars and Trombones from Sandy Streeter of the El Rancho Charter School Music Department, Snowboards from friends Ryan Lane and Todd Howes and several other items all donated by colleagues and friends. We even got a donation of 20 raw maple freestyle skateboard decks from Derek Pulos, John Chamberlain and Greg Tsujimoto.

To see the earliest stages of these projects, please visit my May 2013 Blog  “Spring 2013 Art Projects Underway.”


These are some of the Final Art Projects the students have created. Please enjoy the images and progressions of Art, although nothing compares to be in the presence of the final pieces themselves.

Impressive work! Impressive people!

I have held back student Artists’ names in the protection of identity.


Thank you,


Mr. Todd Puchalski M.Ed.

El Rancho Charter School Art Department Chair




“Superheroes Sandwiches”
Acrylic on Skateboard Deck.
Student Created. Spring 2013


















“Super Heroes and Sandwiches Comics”
Acrylic on Skateboard Deck.
Student Created. Spring 2013

“Cartoon Network vs. Nickelodeon”
Acrylic on Skateboard Deck.
Student Created. Spring 2013















“Fire Fox”
Acrylic on Skateboard Deck.
Student Created. Spring 2013


























“Chained Heart”
Acrylic on Skateboard Deck.
Student Created. Spring 2013


“The Joker & Harlequin”
Acrylic on Skateboard Deck.
Student Created. Spring 2013

“Green Hornet Optical Art”
Acrylic on Snowboard Deck.
Student Created. Spring 2013


Acrylic on Snowboard Deck.
Student Created. Spring 2013

June 20, HB ART WALK ;)~

Exhibiting at SuperHero’s Sub Shop in Huntington Beach on Thursday June 20, 6-9pm. Part of the HB Artwalk. Lots of Artists, food, and fun and all the Surf Side Vibe you can handle.

See ya there. ;) ~