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Meet TODD Puchalski

Todd is a Professional Photographer and Artist, a public charter school Art Teacher in Orange County, as well as a philanthropist and volunteer Humanitarian worker both locally and internationally.

As a California native, Todd has had the brilliant experience of growing up in such a radical and extreme place. California’s plethora of wild landscapes, sports and diverse converging cultures has enlightened and influenced many aspects of his experience, lifestyle and work; preparing him for the path that has led him around the world and into many rare, beautiful and challenging situations. All the while capturing extraordinary moments, both of nature and culture.

Todd’s aim is to inspire and teach people about the world around them through the stories and emotions of images and Artistic expression. Bringing them awareness of not just the beauty, but also the vital importance of caring for our global community and our precious environment.

Check out Todd’s Blog & Networking sites for what he is up to now, what projects he is working on, his recent accomplishments, and where he is showing next. Visit the Links Page to see Todd’s affiliates while his Portfolio shows his full body of work categorized for your convenience. The Testimonials Page gives Todd Recognition in form of statements and letters of gratitude that gives his work, skills and whole-hearted choices the credit they deserve. Please, sign up for his Newsletter on the Contact page or directly below.     ~ Don’t worry, he’s not gonna spam your inbox. ;)


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Todd is currently working on several projects including building on Ocean Art & Awareness, Buidling the new Arts program and teaching Art at El Rancho Charter School, continued humanitarian support for villagers in Zimbabwe through the Orange County, CA based NAP Africa non-profit organization (, and beginning a more aggressive approach to energetic videos for a variety of purposes including Eco-Awarness, Education, Music and Extreme Sports & Adventure.


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Todd Puchalski PhotographiX

Todd Puchalski PhotographiX


Pullin’ into a little So Cal spring time cover up. 2012