“Water is LIFE” – WORLD WATER DAY 2013 & NAP Africa Challenge YOU to Care

“Water is LIFE” ~ Nap Africa’s 2013 Water Campaign

in conjunction with

World Water Day ~ March 22, 2013 


Water from NAP Africa’s first borehole flows into a carrying bucket. NAP hopes to build another borehole soon to provide fresh water for growing much needed crops in the NAP sponsored community garden.

You can help make a difference in the lives of others who are extremely less fortunate than you are. Water can be taken for granted, but in countries such as Zimbabwe, it certainly is not, it is about LIFE or death. Read more to found out what YOU can do to help make a difference lending support to the people of the Jabulani village and beyond!

Young Jabulani boys play around an old borehole (water well) pump in the village. NAP Africa is raising money to fund a new borehole to be drilled and constructed in the garden to avoid carrying water bucket by bucket to water their crops and assist with sustaining life in the rural village.

Currently, NAP Africa is seeking funds to build a much needed borehole (water well) to service the Jabulani community garden. The garden is run by the local villagers and their families and serves as a sustainable lifeline to survival in the bush. Currently men, women, and children carry water on their heads in order to keep crops moist.  Water needs have been a growing issue in Zimbabwe, which will prevent farmers from harvesting crops for both their families as well as for having an income source for the village.

Men, woman & children carry heavy buckets of water one at a time back and forth from a single water source to either home, or to the community garden.
Water is LIFE! Just ask these folks.

Estimated costs for a new borehole are close to $10,000 US. With your generous contribution NAP Africa can continue our mission of creating a sustainable environment for thousands of deserving families.

 Today is a good day to fund a borehole! Please help us reach our goal by donating to our Water Campaign 2013. Your donation will directly assist in building a new water source for our Jabulani Community Garden in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, Southern Africa. ;)




A village women helps to plant the young sprouts they raised into a garden trough in the Jabulani community garden.








Todd Puchalski DONATED, WILL YOU? ;) ~






NAP Africa says “THANK YOU”…

We send a big NAP “Thank You” for your generous donations. Please share and follow our progress in building a new borehole for the village at napafrica.org

Your efforts truly make a difference in many lives.