Surf Shoot Story- with Ryan Schiller

Cool Winter Days in So Cal make for great photo ops in the water; motley blue skies, clear atmosphere, green & clear water, a S & NW swell combo, glassy surface and a whole lot of sunshine. Combine that with a couple surfers and some photo gear. Those are the ingredients for an epic morning along Southern California’s rocky, tropical desert coastline.

3-4 ft. Occ. + on a random set at a “Strands” break. ;) ~ Only way this would have been a better day is if the swell pushed in for larger waves. Stunning!

On this Day, Ryan Schiller and I came out to Photograph a sessionĀ for his sponsor, Steaz Teaz, organic tea drinks. We chose Salt Creek and Strands surf breaks for the shoot due to the quality of the surf from the combination S & NW swell, the clean conditions, clear water, and of course little barrels and pitched peaks. It was the perfect day to shoot and the sun was rising in line with Ryan’s preferred Right-hand breaks. Light was right, conditions were excellent, experience, color, contrast, pattern, energy, vibe and spirit were all present. Good Times!!!



Ryan Schiller preparing for a little cover up!



Despite the very eye opening 55 degree water, we were able to stave of the numbness for awhile by keeping on the move and staying focused on getting in the waves and getting the shots. Eventually, though, when you cant grip your camera rig or feel the flippers on your feet, you know its time to start thinking about getting back into shore.




“So Much Fun, and what a perfect day! A gift and a great time. Couldn’t have chosen a greater set of circumstance in which to work in, even if it is part-time. I love my Job!”

;) ~







Ryan in a tight tube. “Salt Creek” Break