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Spring 2013 Art Projects Underway

Spring 2013 Art Projects Underway

Study sketch of stylized tropical tree frog as part of skateboard design I am currently working on. 2013


This spring I have been working on quite a few Art projects aside of my Photography and Teaching Art. It’s been some years since I dove into serious Art projects. Man! I am loving it!

I started last fall with a few ideas and began prepping surfaces and materials and sketching away my ideas. I also had plans to include students in these projects, to gain what I would hope to. And there time is quickly approaching to begin.


Here are some tid-bits on e few of the projects unfolding.










Music to my Eyes:

I got some old trombones from the music department and boxes of old musical notes. The thought crossed my mind of a whole orchestra in paper-mache’ musical notes. So, I began with that and have one done. I have yet to photograph the final glossy and smooth piece, but the images here show in near the finishing phase. Students will follow and also finish the other two I currently have. I’m looking for more of any kind of instrument to be donated for the use of Art. ;) ~




I also got a few old beat up classical guitars. They still play well, but they are about to be playable paintings as well.  I have one I am designing and two others for students to leave their mark and expression on. I started sanding them and down to the last one. Exciting!!! Can’t wait to see what these turn out to be.


Classical guitars being stripped and sanded. Nearly ready for some primer and design then paint. 6 weeks till they will be done.





Old Sector 9 44″ long board being re-faced. All starting with stripping the bottom and top logo of the deck. And a old and rusty stuck truck I need to drill out.


Skate ‘n’ Paint:

I had an older Sector Nine 44” long skateboard. I got it used as a hand-me-down and have skated down some long steep hills in San Clemente and a few other local beach cities.  My dog, Taj, has pulled me miles on that thing as well. I got some new carver trucks and had an idea to totally re-due the deck with stylized tropical island painting with a frog infestation and some fuzzy carpet edges to finish off the top. The logo in the grip tape was painted over back in the fall and I am half way through drawing my design on the bottom. Almost time to start the paint job. ;) ~

Primer the bottom of Long Board Deck to prepare for drawing and paint








Long Board design study. ALready making changes, but this is where the process starts.






Top Deck Design. Covers the old Sector 9 logo.

















Freestyle decks. 7ply Canadian maple. Donated by the generosity of of others for the benefit of Young Art students to express themselves on a very cool medium.

Skate ‘n’ Paint Freestyle:

A bro from college, Derek Pulos of SNAP Graphics & Design, hit me up on FB not too long ago and loved the idea I had posted. He pitched me a donation option for TWENTY  Turbo, 7 ply, Canadian Maple and ready to image freestyle decks. Of course, how could I resist that offer? So I put a few bucks up, along with Derek , John Chamberlain and Greg Tsujimoto to buy whole sale decks from Derek’s connection. Now I have a large group of skilled Drawing & Painting and Color & Design students ready to reface the raw wood with their own Art, in any medium they choose. Pretty sweet deal!







I wish I had me as an Art Teacher! ;) ~








Read It!: “Something in the Yard” – A Short Story Anthology

So the Creative Writing Teacher, Mr. J. Stephens, had a group of really well done stories from an extra curricular project, and thought about publishing an anthology. He told me about it, and my mind starting reeling thoughts of being published and how self-fulfilling that can be. If as a student I had that chance, it would have given more confidence early on to pursue what took me years into adulthood to learn and do. What an AWESOME opportunity. So we made a plan and took students into a real life contextual learning situation. Authors and Artists met together, collaborated, researched, discussed, read, shared, illustrated and created a final book complete with student’s original Art acting as the cover for each story. In a fully published and professional book with edits, fund raising, and surprising sales. It can be purchased on line here. The profit of your purchase will help fund the Art Department of El Rancho Charter Middle School.  Thank you   ;)~


Here are a few sample illustrations from the book.

Something in the Yard Inner Beast

Immortal Happiness